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Player Shops

How to create player shops.

Player Shops let you sell and buy items with other players. They can be a good alternative to auctions as there are no item list limits, and can catch other players' attention more effectively with your shop builds.

Purchasing an Item

Player Shop Type in Chat To purchase an item from a shop plot, it's simple! Just left-click a shop sign, and type the amount you want to buy in the chat. You can also preview enchantments and attributes of the item being sold as well.

Creating a Shop

You can choose to either create a player shop anywhere in the main overworld, or at /warp playershops if you are whitelisted. If you decide to create a player shop somewhere other than /warp playershops, make sure to create a player warp (/pwarp) so let other players know that your shop exists.

To create a shop chest, follow the steps below.

  1. Place down a chest.
  2. Face the chest.
  3. Hold the item you want to sell in your hand.
  4. Type /pshop create <price> (Will reference the item in your hand), or /pshop create <price> <item> <amount>.
  5. Your shop is now created!

Getting Whitelisted (Player Shops World)

If you would like to build and create your own shop at /warp playershops, you need to be whitelisted. To get whitelisted, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of one week since the first join date on the server.
  • Minimum playtime of 20 hours (can be seen in /settings -> click your head at the top)
  • No history of any rule violations.

If you meet these requirements and would like to apply for the whitelist, you can do so by opening a ticket on our Discord.

After being whitelisted, you will be free to do any modifications in the player shops world. However, note that the standard no-theft/griefing rules still apply. Failure to obey the rules will result in permanent suspension from trust and further consequences.


Using excessive amounts of space (>40x40x40) in the player shops region is prohibited, unless the community deems it acceptable.


Shop chests will be protected from any players. However, any non-shop chests in the player shops region (600x600) are not protected.


If you are making a claim on your player shop, make sure to enable the "Interactions" permission in your Global Claim Settings (/claimsettings). Otherwise, no one will be able to use your shop!


If you are inactive for over 30 days (Index score of less than 1.5 in /help -> about) and the community wants your shop to be removed, your shop may be removed.

Managing a Shop

Player Control

To manage an already made shop, right-click on the shop sign. From there, you can change the shop mode (selling items/buying items), change the price, and more!

Removing a Shop

To remove a shop, face a player shop sign and type /pshop remove.

Other Commands

/pshop buy - Change the shop you are facing to buy items.
/pshop sell - Change the shop you are facing to sell items.
/pshop transfer <name> - Transfer the shop you are facing to another player.
/pshop item - Change the item of the shop.
/pshop find <item name> - Find a nearby shop that matches the item name specified.
/pshop staff <add/clear/del/list> - Add, remove, or see the list of players that also have admin permissions at the shop you are facing.