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Getting Started

All about getting started on HexArchon.


Welcome! On HexArchon, players can explore the wilderness, interact with other players, fight unique custom mobs, challenge various dungeons, and gear up on custom items and equipments to survive in a unique environment.

First Stepsโ€‹

The first step would be to use the /rtp command to teleport to a random place in the wilderness. This can be a great tool for starters or for those who want to explore!

Claiming Landโ€‹

Claiming Land is an important aspect of the server as it protects your builds from others.

To claim land, first type the command /claim. Click the golden shovel icon to get a golden shovel. While holding the golden shovel, right-click two corners (blocks) of your intended claim.

Giving other players access to your claimโ€‹

To share access of your claim to other players, type /claim and click Manage Permissions.



Jobs are a good way to earn money as they grant money for certain actions. You can join up to 3 jobs by using the command /jobs, and left-clicking on any 3 jobs you want. To leave jobs, right-click on a job, or click the barrier in the bottom-right corner to leave all jobs.


Leaving a job will cost you 15% of the experience in the job you left!



The shop is crucial to the server as it can be used to purchase various things. To open the shop, type the command /shop.

In addition, most items can be sold in the shop to earn money using the command /sell.
/sell ยป Opens the selling menu.
/sell hand ยป Sells the items in your hand. Shortcut: /sh
/sell all ยป Sells every item in your inventory. Shortcut: /sa
/sell handall ยป Sells every item in your inventory that matches the item in your hand. Shortcut: /sha



Warps can be used to quickly teleport to a public location of interest. To open the warps menu, use the command /warp.


The teleport command can be used to teleport to other players with ease. To send a teleport request to a player, you can use the command /tpa <playername>. In addition, /tpahere <playername> can be used to request a player to teleport to you. The specified player can choose to either accept or deny the request using /tpyes or /tpno.


The player who is teleporting must stand still for 3 seconds for the teleport to take place.


Want to save place you want, such as your house? Do a /sethome! You can then use /home to teleport back to that place. You can also create up to 5 homes, by using /sethome <homename>, and using /home <homename>.
To remove homes, use the /delhome <homename> command.


Did you die? No worries, you can use /back to go back to where you died!


You will lose 10% of your balance on death! This does not apply in Boss Arenas or Dungeons.


The player auctions can be accessed by using /ah. From there, you can buy from others or list items for others to buy.



The Server Map offers a real-time 2D view of the entire Overworld! You can view it by using the command /map or by visiting

Tree Fellerโ€‹

Tree Feller

You can easily cut down trees using the tree feller! Note that it will only work on smaller trees.

How to use Tree Fellerโ€‹

  1. Hold an axe.
  2. Face an empty block (air).
  3. Right-click holding your axe. (It should show "You ready your axe" above your hotbar)
  4. Cut down the bottom of a tree within 3 seconds.



The Scoreboard is the section that is located on the right side of the screen. While it contains various useful information, if you wish to remove this display, you can do so in the /settings under "HUD Settings".


  • Money - The amount of money you have. This can also be accessed using /bal.
  • Flag - Your current /guild name.
  • P Coin - The current amount of points you have, used for abilities.
  • S Coin - The current amount of stat points you have, used for stats.
  • Chest - The time left until the next supply drop, or the time left until the current supply drop ends.
  • Yellow Ticket - The time left until the next lottery draw.
  • Present - The number of votes you have. (psst, every Month the top voters get a reward)!


Numerous settings on HexArchon can be toggled on or off to your likings. You can access the settings menu by using the command /settings.