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How to obtain upgraded furnaces.

Obtaining Upgraded Furnaces


Upgraded Furnaces can be obtained by enchanting a furnace from an enchanting table. Various enchantments provide various upgrades.


  • Efficiency: Increases the smelting speed, and uses more fuel.
  • Fortune: Chance to increase the result items. Only works on ores.
  • Unbreaking: Increases the duration that fuel lasts.
  • Silk Touch: Causes furnaces to stop using fuel when not in use.

Fortune Enchantment

The fortune enchantment on a Furnace will increase the amount of resulting items from smelting. The chance (equation) for Fortune on Furnaces follows the vanilla behavior of the Fortune enchantment.

List of items that Fortune on Furnaces will apply on:

  • Deepslate/Gold ore, Raw Gold
  • Deepslate/Iron ore, Raw Iron
  • Deepslate/Coal ore
  • Deepslate/Redstone ore
  • Deepslate/Lapis ore
  • Nether Quartz ore
  • Nether Gold ore