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Boss Fights


Bosses are challenges that you can take. As you unlock new bosses, they will get progressively harder, with each having their unique abilities and skills. The rewards include money, points, and XP.

Up to 4 players can join a single boss arena, in which the amount of rewards will be dependent on the first/repeat completion divided by the amount of players. The health of bosses will increase by half of the boss' base HP per additional player.

Starting a Boss Fight

To start a boss fight, open the boss menu using /boss. Select a boss to fight. Click "Start Arena" to start the boss fight solo, or co-op with up to 4 players (must have a party setup before starting).

Arena Party

Creating a Party

If you would like to do a boss fight with other players, they must be in your party first before you click the "Start Arena" button. When you click on a boss head, you will be given the option to start inviting players.

Inviting Players Privately

To invite players to join your party, click the "Create Party" button. Use the /party invite PlayerNameHere command to invite others to join your party.

Inviting Players Publicly (Recruiting)

To create a global broadcast for players to join your party, click the "Recruit Players" button. Follow the steps in the chat and type your answers in the chat to start recruiting players.

Leaving a Boss Fight

To leave a boss fight, use the /leave command.

Completing a Boss Fight

Once you successfully complete a boss fight, the corresponding rewards will be given to you and you'll get a cooldown. The harder the boss is, the longer the cooldown.

Failing to Complete a Boss Fight

If you fail to complete a boss fight (by dying), you will not lose anything other than the entry cost. You will keep your inventory and existing money, and won't get a cooldown.