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Other Features

Other features which don't belong to other categories.


Fishing can be very interesting on HexArchon! Just try it and see... :)

Chat Features

Type these into the chat for various functions!
[item] - Showcases an item you are holding.
[inv] - Showcases your entire inventory.
[ender] - Showcases your ender chest.
[balance] [money] - Showcases your balance.
[teleport] [tp] - Allows others to teleport to you.


Skipping the night (by sleeping) only requires 30% of the players currently in your world to sleep.

Invisible Item Frames

You can toggle an item frame's invisibility by facing it and using the command /itf toggle. To scan for nearby item frames, use /itf scan <block radius>.

Armor Stand Tweaks

You can easily edit armor stand poses in game! While holding a flint, shift and right-click air. A menu will pop up to which you can edit armor stand poses. Close the menu and right-click an armor stand to apply your poses.


You can use the command /waypoint <x> <y> <z> to set a waypoint for your compass to face to.


Various achievements in additions to vanilla achievements are available. The list of all achievements can be viewed with /ach.