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Miner's Mountain

The Miner's Mountain is a mineshaft containing various ores such as Toughstone, Limestone, Blue, Red, and Purple Jewels, which are valuable crafting materials. You can level up your Relic Discovery Level and unlock many perks in the Relic Discovery Tree.

Getting Started

Emmett NPC

To begin mining in the Miner's Mountain, you must first talk to Emmett at /warp minersmountain. After finishing his dialogue, you can right-click him again to open the Archaic Reserves Menu.

Archaic Reserves Menu


To start mining in the Miner's Mountain, you first need to craft a Toughstone Pickaxe. You can obtain Toughstone outside of the Miner's Mountain by mining ores and killing Stone Golems in the overworld. You can craft the Toughstone Pickaxe and other special pickaxes in the Archaic Reserves menu or the Blacksmith.

Ore Index

The Ore Index displays all ores in the Miner's Mountain and pickaxes that can break them. The Relic Mining Time (in red) is shown as well as the Relic Mining Speed for each pickaxe (in green).

List of Ores:

OreValid Pickaxes
Limestone DepositToughstone, Steel, Hardened Diamond, Blue Crystal
Toughstone OreToughstone, Steel, Hardened, Blue Crystal
Rich Toughstone OreSteel, Hardened Diamond, Blue Crystal
Pure Toughstone OreHardened Diamond, Blue Crystal
Blue Jewel DepositHardened Diamond, Blue Crystal
Red Jewel DepositBlue Crystal
Purple Jewel DepositBlue Crystal

Relic Mining Time and Speed

Relic Mining Time represents the time in ticks it takes for an ore to break. Relic Mining Speed decreases the Relic Mining Time and can be obtained by leveling up your Relic Discovery Level or unlocking certain perks in the Relic Discovery Tree.

Relic Discovery Level

Relic Discovery Level

Mining ores in the Miner's Mountain grants Relic XP and level up your Relic Discovery Level. Your level can be seen in the Archaic Reserves menu.

Relic Discovery Tree

Relic Discovery Tree

Upon reaching certain levels, you can unlock perks in the Relic Discovery Tree.

Important Bedrock Edition Note

On Bedrock Edition, the block you're mining will "appear" to be broken (block breaks with particles) - in reality, it's still in the process of breaking. Thus, to fully mine the block, you will need to continue mining the block until it finally breaks (the block will disappear and it will drop an item.)

Unfortunately, this is caused by limitations with Bedrock Edition, as packet manipulation does not get translated onto the client. There is no way to make this work on Bedrock Edition until Mojang introduces proper parity.

Here is a video demonstration of how to mine blocks in the Miner's Mountain on Bedrock Edition: