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Guilds allow you to create a group for other players to join, which may be useful with co-op. Guilds are NOT related to dungeon parties in any way - this is a seperate system.

Creating a Guild

To create a guild, use the /g create <GuildName> command. Creating a guild is free, and there are no maintenance fees.

Managing your Guild


To manage your guild, use the /guilds command. This will bring up a menu where you can manage your guild.

Toggle Guild ChatToggles your chat mode. When enabled, all your chat messages will only be sent to those in your guild.
Manage PlayersInvite, kick, and change guild roles of players.
Friendly Fire ProtectionToggle friendly fire protection on or off. This option may be handy in dungeons.
Rename GuildRename your guild.
Guilds MOTDChange the message send to those in your guild when joining the server.
Guilds ListShow the list of guilds.
Guild NicknameChange your guild nickname.