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Earning Money

With all the options and freedom the server offers, there are virtually endless ways of earning money on HexArchon.

This page only serves to show the most common ways of earning money, just incase you are lost. It should be noted that the most common ways are not necessarily the best ways of earning money - after all, that is how it is in real life!

Common Ways of Earning Money

  • Mining and selling ores.
  • Joining jobs.
  • Utilizing upgraded furnaces.
  • Completing quests.
  • Killing custom mobs - note that mobs from higher difficulty regions drop more money!
  • Voting (even more if you get in the monthly top 5!)
  • Vote Parties.
  • Collecting supply drops
  • Keeping your daily rewards streak.
  • Winning the lottery (although we don't encourage gambling!)
  • Setting up auto farms.
  • Fishing (but watch out! You'll see why...)
  • Setting up large-scale manual farms.
  • Setting up vanilla auto farms.
  • Setting up a mob farm with spawners (obtained from crates or by breaking spawners with silk touch).
  • Utilizing villager trades.
  • Selling items to other players using auctions and player shops.
  • Winning Server Events.
  • Referring friends to the server (more info on the Discord).