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Frequently asked Questions and the answers.

Is Keep Inventory on?

Keep Inventory is on throughout the entire server. However, you will lose 10% of your balance on death in the Overworld, Nether, The End, and the Skylands. You don't lose any in boss arenas, or dungeons.

Is Fire Tick on?

Fire Tick is disabled, as they can be abused.

What is the vanilla difficulty of the server?

The vanilla difficulty of the server is normal.

How do I obtain an item?

Visit the Items List section of the wiki.

How do I submit a Suggestion or a Bug Report?

You can submit those on our Discord. Please report bugs on the Discord! Chat is NOT the right place to report bugs! As much as we would love to read chat, we cannot always do so.

Why is my water or lava not flowing?

Claims may be interfering with the flow of your water or lava. By default, liquids cannot move across claim borders. To fix this, you can enlarge your claim, or allow liquid to flow across your borders in the /claims menu.

Why is my sheep not regrowing wool?

You may have to enable the "Mob Griefing" global permission in your claim. To do this, stand in your claim and type /claimsettings. Click "Global Claim Settings", and navigate to "Advanced Configuration" (bottom right corner). Click the "Misc" option (crafting table), and under the Mob Griefing option, select Enable.

Is Infernal Touch and Fortune compatible?

Yes, Infernal Touch will smelt all items multiplied from Fortune.

Why do treasure maps not work?

Treasure maps are disabled as they cause severe lag spikes. Treasure maps load infinite chunks until it finds a structure - basically, imagine flying at light speed until it finds a treasure or the server crashes.

How do I use fancy colors in commands such as /nick, /rename, etc?

Use these color codes, or if you want to use gradients and hex colors, use this website!

What is the World Size?

Overworld - 24,000 x 24,000
Nether - 8,000 x 8,000
End - 8,000 x 8,000
Resource - 24,000 x 24,000

Is Chat Reporting (1.19.1) enabled?

Chat reporting is disabled due to compatibility and security issues.

Will there be a Nether/End reset?

There will be a Nether/End reset once in a few months.

Will there be a server reset?

There will never be a server reset, unless the majority of the community wants it.