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Discord Rules

1. Respect the Discord TOS.

Any violation of the Discord TOS is not allowed.

2. Inappropriate usage of Chat.

Do not discuss inappropriate topics such as drugs, sexual activities, and illegal activities. Additionally, this includes the usage of chat for the means of harassment, hate speech/discrimination against an individual or a particular group, using derogatory or offensive terms, self-harm threats, encouraging others to self-farm, insulting other players, sending DDoS or doxing threats, spreading violence, encouraging flame wars, and initiating, spreading, or discussing drama. Do not share viruses or malware or attempt to phish others. Controversial topics such as politics should not be discussed and instead be moved to direct messages, guild chats, or on other platforms.

3. Inappropriate usage of Server.

Do not send unwanted, repeated friend requests or messages. Do not spam or advertise on any channels.

4. Ban Evasion.

Do not attempt to evade a ban. The usage of alternative accounts are not allowed.

5. No NSFW Content.

NSFW Content is not allowed and will result in an instant ban.

6. Sharing Personal Information.

Sharing personal information without consent from who is being shared is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to real-life photos, names, residential addresses, ages, dates of birth, phone numbers, and social media profiles.

7. Disrupting Chat.

Disrupting chat with arguments for or against a specific staff decision, punishment, or issue is not allowed. Issues regarding punishments will only be reviewed after an appeal is filed on our forums.

8. Sharing Contents.

You may not promote, distribute, or provide access to content involving hacking, cracking, or distributing a pirated software or stolen accounts. This includes sharing or selling cheats and hacks that may negatively affect others in a multiplayer game.

Sharing malicious, offensive, disturbing, or pornographic links are not allowed.

10. Impersonation.

Any act of impersonation are not allowed. This includes changing usernames or nicknames to impersonate other players or staff.

11. Language.

Any language other than English are not allowed due to the lack of ability to moderate them.

12. Abuse of Systems.

Abuse and misuse of systems such as the server-chat, tickets, and bots are not allowed.


We reserve the right to consider anything not listed as an offense and punish for cases not listed. Please note that any staff words are final.
These rules exist to keep and promote a safe community and environment. They are here to help us as a community :)