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Section 1: Unauthorized Modifications, abuse of bugs, and exploits.

Rule 1.1 - Modified Clients.

Any usage of cheat, hacked clients, and other Unauthorized Modifications are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to Fly, Killaura, speed, and Xray. The list of Allowed and Prohibited Modifications can be found here.

Rule 1.2 - Autoclickers and automatic farms.

Any usage of autoclickers or macros are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to automatic fishing and autoclicking in mob farms.

Rule 1.3 - Abuse of bugs and exploits.

Any abuse of bugs and exploits are not allowed. If any bugs and exploits are found, they should be reported to us on our forums or Discord to avoid punishment.

Section 2: Behavior Offenses.

Rule 2.1 - Theft or Griefing.

Theft or Griefing are not allowed anywhere whatsoever, including regions where it is not claimed. This also applies within claims if you have not been given verbal permission to do so. Destroying land around claimed areas without permission are not allowed.

Rule 2.2 - Intentional Harm to the server.

Any intentional harm to the server are not allowed. This includes lag machines or any other contraptions or blocks that cause an unnecessary amount of lag. In addition, builds that significantly lower the FPS of others causing a player to lag are not allowed.

Rule 2.3 - Scamming.

Scamming of any kind are not allowed. Examples of scamming include telling a player that you want to sell/give/show them something only to kill them or not pay them for the item. Trades must be done on the server in order to ensure safety and validity. No action will be taken for scams done outside of the server.

Rule 2.4 - Real World Trading.

The act of trading in-game items or services for real-life currency, purchases, or goods are not allowed. This does not apply to trading in-game items for in-game items.

Rule 2.5 - Abuse of Teleportations.

Any abuse of teleportations are not allowed. Examples include using teleports to lure players with the intention to kill them.

Rule 2.6 - Trapping.

Any usage of traps are not allowed. This includes any builds that have the intention of preventing other players from playing the game.

Rule 2.7 - Impersonation.

Any act of impersonation are not allowed. This includes changing Minecraft usernames, in-game nicknames, or guild names to impersonate other players or staff.

Rule 2.8 - Blocking Claims.

The act of claiming around someone's claim to prevent expansion are prohibited.

Rule 2.9 - Offensive and Inappropriate Content.

The uses and creations of any contents that apply to Rule 3.2 are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to skins, usernames, buildings, and in-game item names.

Rule 2.10 - Usage of Alternative Accounts.

The usage of alternative accounts are not allowed.

Rule 2.11 - Creating Harmful Public Events.

While players are allowed to create various public events, those with the intention of harm or abuse are not allowed.

Rule 2.12 - Interfering with Gameplay.

Purposely interfering with others' gameplay is not allowed. This includes trying to hurt players, getting in their way, and preventing players from building or playing.

Rule 2.13 - Abuse of Systems.

Abuse and misuse of systems such as our forums, Discord, and help tickets are not allowed.

Rule 2.14 - Disrespecting staff and players.

Disrespecting staff and or other players are not allowed. This includes the act of insulting, harassing, bullying, abusive speech, hate speech, threats, and personal attacks.

Rule 2.15 - Abuse of Rules.

The abuse of any rules with loopholes are not allowed.

Rule 2.16 - Interfering with Staffing.

Interfering with staffing with actions such as calling out staff in vanish, calling out hackers in public chat, and joking or pretending to hack or cheat are not allowed. If you have a player to report, please use our forums or Discord.

Rule 2.17 - Advertising in External Places for rewards.

Advertising in External Places not within the server for rewards are not allowed. This includes the referral system. To quality for the referral system, you are only allowed to invite anyone that you personally know.

Section 3: Chat Offenses.

Rule 3.1 - Spamming.

Spamming in the chat or in direct messaging are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to excessive use of caps, sending same or similar messages repeatedly, command spam, encouraging spam, group spam, and repeatedly advertising in-game events such as auctions, coinflips, and others.

Rule 3.2 - Inappropriate usage of Chat.

Inappropriate chat behavior is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to discussing inappropriate topics such as drugs, sexual activities, and illegal activities. Additionally, this includes the usage of chat for the means of harassment, hate speech/discrimination against an individual or a particular group, using derogatory or offensive terms, self-harm threats, encouraging others to self-harm, insulting other players, sending DDoS or doxing threats, spreading violence, encouraging flame wars, and initiating, spreading, or discussing drama. Controversial topics such as politics should not be discussed in public chat and instead be moved to direct messages, guild chats, or on other platforms.

Rule 3.3 - Disrupting Chat.

Disrupting chat with arguments for or against a specific staff decision, punishment, or issue is not allowed. Issues regarding punishments will only be reviewed after an appeal is filed on our forums.

Rule 3.4 - Unicodes.

The usage of Unicode, emojis, and other custom fonts are not allowed.

Rule 3.5 - Language.

Any language other than English are not allowed in public chat. However, if you wish to speak a different language with your friends, you may do so using direct messaging or guild chats.

Rule 3.6 - Sharing Personal Information.

Sharing personal information without consent from who is being shared is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to real-life photos, names, residential addresses, ages, dates of birth, phone numbers, and social media profiles.

Sharing malicious, offensive, disturbing, or pornographic links are not allowed.

Rule 3.8 - Advertising.

The act of advertising in any form is not allowed unless it is related to the server.


We reserve the right to consider anything not listed as an offense and punish for cases not listed. Please note that any staff words are final.
These rules exist to keep and promote a safe community and environment. They are here to help us as a community :)