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World Bosses

About and how to summon World Bosses.

World Bosses are bosses that can be fought in any of the survival worlds but require a specific method of summoning. World Bosses often require a lot more players to defeat as they have a lot of health and may be more difficult than some Bossses.

The Voidkeeper


Location: The End Drops: Heart of the Void, Arcane Fragment, Void Essence, Corrupted Eye, Diamond, Diamond Block, Netherite Ingot, Netherite Block, 6,000+ XP.

Summoning Steps

Voidkeeper Summon

Upon killing Lesser Shadows, there is a very small chance of summoning a Corrupted Anchor which will deal damage within a radius. After destroying the Corrupted Anchor a ritual will spawn containing 4 Netherite Seals. Upon destroying all 4 seals the Voidkeeper will be summoned.