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Item Skills List

The list and the descriptions of all of the skills of Custom Items.


Use Ctrl+F (or CMD+F on macOS) to search for the skill you're looking for!

Arcane HailShowers arcane projectiles in the target area, dealing magic damage on hit.AOE Damage
Archon's StrikeSend up to 3 entities locked airborne dealing magic damage. Additionally, strike them twice dealing 2.5% of your MCMMO Axes level as magic damage.Crowd Control
BackstabDeal extra damage when striking entities from behind.Damage Increase
Blade DanceLevitate up, then dash toward crosshair entities three times slashing rapidly dealing physical damage.AOE Damage, Mobility
Bouncy FireballCasts a bouncing fireball that explodes on 3rd impact, dealing AOE magic damage.AOE Damage, Range
Burning SlashesLeap toward a target on crosshair entity slashing rapidly dealing physical and magic damage.AOE Damage, Mobility
Circular SlashSlash your sword, dealing physicmal damage and knocking back surrounding entities.AOE Damage, Crowd Control
Cosmic CannonShoots a burst of projectiles dealing magic damage.Horde Clearing, Range
Crystal GazeOn cast, all entities in radius will aggro towards you. Additionally, gain resistance for 10 seconds.Tank, Support, Resistance
Cut DownDeals 10% max health physical damage. Caps at 1500 health and deals 150 damage instead.Damage Increase
Dancing FireCasts a flurry of fire dealing magic damage to random entities in front of you.Range
Deadly PoisonDeal magic damage to target entity over a few seconds.Damage Increase
Deafening ImpactDash toward a crosshair entity, jumping then smashing the ground dealing AOE magic damage.AOE Damage, Mobility
Descending StormCasts a descending projectile, once it lands, calls a lightning strike dealing AOE magic damage. The radius increases with bonus Magic Damage.AOE Damage
Divine StrikePowerfully jump in the air, then dash toward a target on crosshair dealing AOE magic damage on impact. Additionally, your next attack sends a damaging wave of ice (Not affected by magic/skill damage).AOE Damage, Mobility
Double StrikeDeals extra physical damage after a delay.Damage Increase
Enchanted ParryUpon taking damage within 0.5 seconds of activating, deal physical damage to the damager and heal for 4 HP.Sustain
Ender ShieldGrants absorption and a small heal when taking damage.Resistance, Sustain
FireflyDash toward your crosshair exploding on contact with an entity dealing magic damage.Mobility
Fire ResistanceGrants Fire Resistance for a few seconds.Potion Effect
Flame TossToss a desccending flame projectile forward, dealing small AOE magic damage on hit.Range
Frozen CurseLocks on to a target, after a delay, deals damage to surrounding entities.AOE Damage
Freezing StrikeCasts a short projectile dealing magic damage.Range
GoldbreakerEmerge 3 gold blocks, after a few seconds, the blocks fly toward your crosshair direction dealing AOE magic damage on impact.AOE Damage, Range
Grand HealHeal yourself and nearby players instantly restoring HP.Support, Sustain
GrappleGrapple and leap towards target direction.Mobility
HarvestHeals for 2 HP and deals AOE magic damage.AOE Damage, Sustain
HealHeal yourself instantly restoring HP.Sustain
Heavenly StarsReadies a big slash dealing magical and physical damage.AOE Damage
Holy MissileCasts a projectile dealing magic damage on hit.Range
Ice BoltCasts an icy projectile dealing magic damage on hit.Range
Infernal BloodlustJump in the air then smash the ground, then become stunned for a duration, draining up to 5 entities in radius 6 times for 1 HP. After the duration, strike all entities in radius dealing magic damage and igniting them.AOE Damage, Sustain
Last RingAfter a delay, leap forward and deal physical and magic damage to entities in path.AOE Damage, Mobility
Light DashDash toward crosshair direction, dealing physical damage to passing entities.Mobility
Magma FissureCasts a targeted magma fissure dealing magic damage.Range
Magic BoltCasts a projectile that deals magic damage on hit.Range
Mighty JumpJump in the air and smash the ground dealing AOE magic damage.AOE Damage
Minor ExplosionCreates an explosion at the location dealing magic damage.AOE Damage, Crowd Control
Nether StrikeStrike a line slightly knocking up, igniting, and dealing magic damage to entities it passes through.Range
OblivionSends down a giant meteor from the sky dealing AOE magic damage and stunning for 2 seconds. Additionally, allows the caster to shoot meteors dealing magic damage when swinging.AOE Damage, Damage Increase, Range
OvergrowCasts a projectile volley of vines dealing magic damage on hit.Horde Clearing, Range
PermafrostSlows and deals magic damage to hit entity.Damage Increase
RadarCauses nearby entities to glow for a duration.Vision
RapidfireShoot several arrows rapidly.Range
SandstormShoots a projectile, on impact, summons a sandstorm pulling nearby entities dealing damage (Not affected by magic/skill damage).AOE Damage, Crowd Control
Scarlet SlashCasts an ascending projectile dealing magic damage on hit.Range
Sky SmashStrikes entities in front of you dealing physical damage and knocking them airborne.Crowd Control
SlamSlam your sword on the ground, dealing AOE physical damage and knocking entities airborne.AOE Damage, Crowd Control
SmiteStrikes a lightning bolt dealing magic damage.Damage Increase
Solidified DiversionSlows surrounding entities in radius.Crowd Control
Sonic BlasterShoots a projectile piercing through entities dealing magic damage.Horde Clearing, Range
Sonic BoomCasts a warden's sonic boom piercing through entities dealing magic and giving you speed on impact.Mobility, Range
Soul DevourerGrants an aura causing attacks to heal for a percentage of your max HP.Sustain
SpikesDeals physical damage to entities within a short radius when hit.AOE Damage
Spirit ShotLunge backwards, then shoot 2 projectile volleys dealing magic damage, then a shoot a ghost that explodes on impact dealing AOE magic damage.AOE Damage, Range
StarfallCasts a falling star on hit target dealing magic damage.Damage Increase
StarstrikesAlternates between magical and physical slashes dealing damage to all entities hit.Damage Increase
Summon WolfSummons an Ally Firewolf that fights alongside in battle and can cast AOE fire slashes.AOE Damage
Sweeping SlashesCasts a projectile of slashes dealing physical damage.Horde Clearing, Range
Sweeping StormCasts a tornado towards target direction, pulling nearby entities and dealing magic damage.Crowd Control, Horde Clearing
Test of SoulGrants 2 wither skulls that orbit around you dealing magic damage on contact. Additionally, basic attacks wither enemies for a 5 seconds.Ramping Damage
ThrustThrust your weapon forward, dealing physical damage.Range
Tidal WaveSend a tidal wave dealing magic damage to entities it passes through.AOE Damage
Tomahawk ThrowThrow your axe dealing physical damage on hit.Range
TranscendenceBegin to spin, slashing and throwing enemies in a radius dealing physical and magic damage. Additionally, grants an aura of 3 obitals that deals 10% bonus magic damage on hit and through basic attacks.AOE Damage, Damage Increase, Ramping Damage
VampirismDrains and steals health.Sustain
Void Power OrbSummons a Void Power Orb that pulls and deals damage to nearby entities (Not affected by magic/skill damage).AOE Damage, Crowd Control
Void ZapperCasts a fast projectile that can bounce on surfaces, dealing magic damage and knockback to the first entity hit.Range
Weaken TargetWeakens hit target, increasing subsequent damage. taken.Damage Increase
Wind MissileCasts a projectile dealing magic damage and throwing entities hit.Crowd Control, Range