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Item Skills List

A list and an explanation of all of the Custom Item skills.


Use Ctrl+F (or CMD+F on macOS) to search for the skill you're looking for!

Arcane Hail - Showers arcane projectiles in the target area, dealing magic damage on hit.
Archon's Strike - Send up to 3 entities locked airborne dealing magic damage. Additionally, strikes twice dealing 2.5% of your MCMMO Axes level as magic damage.
Backstab - Deal more extra damage striking entities from behind.
Blade Dance - Levitate up, dashing towards targeted entities slashing rapidly dealing physical damage.
Bouncy Fireball - Casts a bouncing fireball that explodes on 3rd impact, dealing AOE magic damage.
Burning Slashes - Leap toward a target on crosshair entity slashing rapidly dealing physical and magic damage.
Circular Slash - Deal physical damage and knock back surrounding entities.
Cosmic Cannon - Shoots a burst of projectiles dealing magic damage.
Dancing Fire - Casts a flurry of fire dealing magic damage to random entities in front of you.
Deafening Impact - Dash toward a targeted entity, jump and smash the ground dealing AOE magic damage.
Divine Strike - Powerfully jump in the air, dashing towards a target on crosshair dealing AOE magic damage impact. Additionally, your next attack sends an ice projectile (Not affected by magic/skill damage).
Ender Shield - Grants absorption and a small heal.
Firefly - Dash toward your crosshair exploding on contact with an entity dealing magic damage.
Fire Resistance - Grants Fire Resistance for a few seconds.
Flame Toss - Toss a descending flame projectile forward, dealing small AOE magic damage on hit.
Frozen Curse - Locks on to a target, after a delay, deals damage to surrounding entities.
Freezing Strike - Shoots a short projectile dealing magic damage.
Goldbreaker - Emerge 3 gold blocks, after a few seconds, the blocks fly toward your crosshair direction dealing AOE magic damage on impact.
Grapple - Grapple and leap towards target direction.
Holy Missile - Casts a projectile that deals magic damage.
Ice Bolt - Casts an icy projectile dealing magic damage on hit.
Last Ring - After a delay, leap forward and deal physical and magic damage to entities in path.
Light Dash - Dash toward crosshair direction, dealing physical damage passing entities.
Magma Fissue - Casts a targeted magma fissure dealing magic damage.
Magic Bolt - Casts a projectile that deals magic damage on hit.
Mighty Jump - Jump in the air and smash the ground dealing AOE magic damage.
Overgrow - Casts a projectile volley of vines dealing magic damage on impact.
Permafrost - Slows and deals magic damage to hit entity.
Radar - Causes entities in a radius to glow for a duration.
Rapidfire - Shoot several arrows rapidly.
Sandstorm - Shoots a projectile, on impact summons a sandstorm pulling nearby entities dealing damage (Not affected by magic/skill damage).
Sky Smash - Strikes entities in front of you dealing physical damage knocking them into the air.
Spikes - Deals physical damage to entities within a short radius.
Spirit Shot - Lunge backwards, then shoot 2 projectile volleys dealing magic damage, then a ghost that explodes on impact dealing AOE magic damage.
Smite - Casts lightning dealing magic damage.
Solidified Diversion - Slows surrounding entities in radius.
Sonic Blaster - Shoots a projectile piercing through entities dealing magic damage.
Sonic Boom - Casts a warden's sonic boom piercing through entities dealing magic damage on impact.
Starfall - Casts a falling star on the target dealing magic damage.
Sweeping Storm - Sends out a tornado, pulling enemies dealing magic damage.
Test Of Soul - Grants 2 wither skulls that orbit around you dealing magic damage. Additionally, attacks wither enemies for 5s.
Thrust - Thrust forward, dealing physical damage.
Tomahawk Throw - Throw your axe dealing physical damage on impact.
Transcendence - Begin to spin, slashing and throwing enemies in a radius dealing physical and magic damage. Additionally, grants an aura of 3 orbitals that deals bonus 10% magic damage and additional 10% magic damage on hit.
Vampirism - Drains and steals health.
Void Power Orb - Summons a Void Power Orb that pulls and deals damage to nearby entities (Not affected by magic/skill damage).
Weaken Target - Weakens target hit, increasing their next damage taken.
Wind Missile - Casts a projectile dealing magic damage and throwing entities back on impact.